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1. alm øl el. soda

  DKK 80.- pr. person

Duration 1 hour


1. alm øl el. soda

DKK 450.- pr. person

Duration 3 hours



mine. 10 people

DKK 295.- pr. person

Duration 3 hours


mine. 10 people

1. alm el. soda

DKK 650.- pr. person

Duration 5 hours

Weather conditions

  • We work with the weather and the wind with our SURF & SUP Course. Therefore, the weather is decisive for which activity will be on the day.

  • We only cancel the course if the weather is too wild and not safe to go out i Vesterhav. 

  • We do not cancel due to lack of waves, instead we take our SUP boards and enjoy the calm North Sea.

  • You are always guaranteed a good experience with us!

  • See you for a legendary experience at North Shore Surf


  • If canceled 1 month before, 100% of the booking is refunded. 

  • If canceled 2 weeks before, 50% of the booking is refunded.

  • You can always rebook your course for another date and time up to 2 days before your course starts.

  • If you do not turn up for the course, 0% of the booking will be refunded.

  • We plan an employee for your/your course, who will give you/you the best experiences with us. Therefore, we reserve the right to the full amount for the booking, otherwise we could not pay our fantastic employees and run a legendary business by the water.

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