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Give your students a no-brainer experience with us in the North Sea.

We learn about the use of the North Sea while surfing its amazing waves.

The loop has low sandbanks, and a pier that points to the northwest, giving us the best beginner conditions.




SURF & SUP Teaching

1. Instructor per. sixth student

Kr. 240 .- excl. VAT per student

The price is incl. equipment rental.  

(Surf / SUP board, Wetsuit, shoes and gloves)

Kr. 400.- excl. VAT for our saunas with sea views

Tel. 20 70 86 43



Surfing on the school schedule is the way to learning and fun experiences for everyone.

Would you like to provide a Løkkendar experience with surfing for your students, with us in the North Sea? We learn about the use of the North Sea while surfing its amazing waves. Løkken has low sandbanks we surf on, which together with Løkken læmole pointing to the northwest, creates us the best beginner conditions to learn surfing.

What is included in this course?

  • 2 hours of instruction

  • Surf / Sup Board, Wetsuits, Wet Shoes, Gloves & Lifejackets

  • 1 Instructor per. Sixth student.

  • (Wave teaching)


Our facilities

  • Cafe area where drinks such as soda, juice and water, as well as cake are offered.
    On the terrace this can be enjoyed before and after the instruction.

  • Food cart where we offer tacos and fish & Ships

  • Dressing for boys / men and girls / women

  • Wellness area with sauna & wilderness bath


The course of the 2 hours of instruction contains

  • Meet about 10-15 minutes before start.

  • Check in  

  • Instructor handing out boards, suits, shoes, gloves & life jackets

  • Wave check from the dunes.

  • Instruction on land

  • In the water with boards, to get the experience on the water

  • After the water delivery of board, suits, shoes, gloves & life jacket

  • Evaluation of the 2 hour course


What more can we offer as an acquisition.

  • Special right for the participants

  • Drinks

  • Sleepover

  • Pictures

  • Video

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